As Highly Sensitive Women, we deeply feel and absorb the tensions of life, personal or professional as well as any major changes that come on the top of it.

We can easily end up in constant overwhelm mode, lose our joy and start down-spiraling quite quickly. Which doesn’t help, right!

I’ve now come to understand that, even if we feel capable intellectually, we need more emotional and soul care and support than the “not-as-sensitive” women we know.

I also learned that having at least one mentor by our side as well as belonging to a community of highly sensitive women, dissipate so much of our stress and allow us to be back in our re-source-fullness way faster. No more on-going anxiety and unnecessary suffering.

One that said, as we all know, life challenging situations varies in duration and intensity and that’s the reason why it is important that you give yourself the right support to enjoy you and your life as much as possible.

Here is what works best for the Highly Sensitive Women I support:

1 – A Clarifying Individual Session
2 – A VIP Day to fully Resource
3 – A New Way 3 Months Journey
4 – A New Level 6 Months Journey

But before deciding what would work best for you, let’s explore your specific situation together and let you get more clarity about what you be most beneficial for you. Schedule a Discovery call today.

I am looking forward to hear you and your needs.

To your Re-Source-Fullness,

Catherine Chevalier,
The Sensitive Feminine Leaders’ Mentor