My personal story with Sensitive Feminine Leadership…

Deep down, I always knew I was a leader but not in the usual way. When looking around at feminine leaders, I knew I was not like them. I was different for sure… but had no idea what I would discover and unleash.

When I think about my life experience, there are a lot of elements that could have helped me better understand who I was but I guess I was not ready to received them at that time. My childhood was good materialistically speaking but was an emotional disaster and it took me more than 20 years to recover and heal from it.

Over the last 5 years, I finally understood that I was an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person – an Empath and an Introvert. Since then, I’ve embrace my true essence and unleashed my presence and leadership to a new level. I finally became who I was deep inside and it feels so liberating, joyful and true.

In that evolution, I uncovered my new passion: Inspiring and Supporting Sensitive Women Discover, Develop and Own their Unique Feminine Leadership Style so that They Can Powerfully Live, Create and Contribute to this World.

My Professional Journey

As a life adventurer, my professional life has been quite eclectic. Each chapter has definitely contributed to the emergence of my sensitive feminine leadership:

  • I studied environmental management and after completing my master, I spent 7 years in Paris as an engineer in a research institute dedicated to health and safety (the French equivalent to the OSHA).
  • Then I moved to the private sector by joining an international corporation as their European Training Manager for both their professional and medical division. I enjoyed this intense experience for 7 years.
  • In 2004, my husband, Patrick, and I moved to Los Angeles, USA to establish and run a marketing agency, and  for 12 years, we served small business owners expand their business.
  • Finally, in 2016, we decided to create a collection of apparel and accessories for classic car enthusiasts that we sell worldwide through our e-commerce presence.
  • 2021 and forward, I am fulfilling a long time dream to create my own business and become a “quiet” advocate for Sensitive Feminine Leaders and that way, bringing a meaningful contribution to our world.