Inspiring and Supporting Sensitive Women
Develop and Own their Unique Leadership Style
to Live, Create and Contribute in a Re-Source-Full way.

It took several years for this passion to become a deeply felt and aligned resonance…a true vision for my heart and soul.

During those years, I felt called to dedicate myself to deeper levels of personal development (emotional healing, spiritual and metaphysical education amongst others) as well as experienced my own version of life as a small business owner … to finally come to the time of birth of the Re-Source Center. It was a long and adventurous journey but it’s so worth it. Today, I feel an immense gratitude towards my many mentors. Their souls spoke to mine and our hearts were joined to allow the emergence of this Divine blessing.

To honor that new life-affirming consciousness, it felt right to develop my mentoring around 3 focus that are aligned with the strong emergence of women personal power in the world:
– Feminine Leadership in Life and Business,
– Sensitivity as a Gift for Co-Creation,
– Re-Source-Fully Contributing as Sensitive Feminine Women.

Today, my heart and soul are on fire and my body stands in the true power of a Sensitive Feminine Leader, ready to Be the Presence of Love for the mission ahead.

To your Re-Source-Fullness,

Catherine Chevalier,
The Sensitive Feminine Leaders’ Mentor