Each women in our community is on the same journey than yours, just with a different focus. Come and join us today!

So many of us are looking to embrace our own Leadership but as Sensitive women, we have almost no role model around to show us the way. We spend our time wondering what’s not working with us and consequently feel lost and separated.
Inside, we know we are leaders but we don’t know how to give birth to it in a sensitive and harmonious way.

Enough of staying misaligned with who you truly are. It is your time and the world need your Sensitive Feminine Leadership.

My friends say that I am a leader but I don’t see why… I don’t feel like one!

I’ve known for decades that I am a leader inside but when I look around I don’t resonate with the kind of leadership I see… I feel confused and alone.

I know what I feel inspired to create in my life but it’s like I can not light the fire in my leadership. This is so frustrating. I am loosing patience.

For me, as a woman, Leadership and Sensitivity is not doable… Why Nature created me like that. I feel despair and some shame about not been capable of showing up as the leader that I know I am.

That’s what this 3 months program is all about.
In 3 stages, I will support and coach you so that you can:
– re-Unite with your Sensitive Leadership
– Stand in your unique Leadership style
– ….
You will emerge as the True you, complete and full of YOU!

You’ll find below more details about this group program (maximum 8 participants). Of course, feel welcome to get on a call with me that I can answer any questions you may have.

Don’t wait.
Your Heart and Soul are longing for you to come home to your True Self and be able to enjoy living as the Sensitive Feminine Leader that you are!