As Sensitive Feminine Leaders, we sometimes get so overwhelmed that we end up stuck…
almost like it will never end and our mind is looping unnecessary stories.

Any of those moments consumes a lot of our life energy… and definitely called for clarity and relief …
we need to get our freedom back and feel centered again. That’s the benefit of the VIP day.

Does any of those thoughts seem familiar to you?

  • I know what I want to create but I have no idea how to get there
  • I feel lonely with my project / in my transition, I need support to make it happen.
  • I have an idea but I am so confused that I get obsessive, end up in a mental fog and it depresses me.
  • I can feel something big is coming and need to talk it through to align with it.
  • Life is pushing me around, I am stressed and my health is taking a toll… I want my peace of mind again.
  • I have a big opportunity in front of me and I don’t know what to do about it. Am I capable of it? Should I say YES? I am doubting myself.

My client reports that after their VIP day, they were able to shift from reactive mode to response mode and that way, change the tune of their experience and being able to stand again in the power of their Feminine Leader.

When asked, the guidance they received translate into a crisis relief, a major clarity boost, new Self-care guidelines or a transition map, a project roadmap or a blueprint for a “passion” business.
But of course, each VIP Day, being co-created as the clarity emerges, offers each person what she needs to receive to recover her Sensitive Feminine Leadership mojo.

If you feel the VIP Day is what you need, I am waiting for you!  Book your complementary Discovery call that we can pre-seed your VIP day together.

I am eager to start working with you.

To your Re-Source-Fullness,

Catherine Chevalier,
The Sensitive Feminine Leaders’ Mentor