As Sensitive Feminine women, we feel and know when something new want to emerge in us …

One of the sign is that we feel tired of the old… the pressure is mounting for the new to be birthed and we can’t escape it or we risk loosing our well-being.

I’ve been there so many times in my adventurous life that I’ve come to understand the music and rhythm of such shifts and, now, trust that the best is coming and will be revealed after the “crisis”.

I also learned that the sooner we surrender to what we are experiencing and reaching out for support, the smoother will be the transition to your new way of being. Life is precious and your time is now!

This 3 months mentoring journey is designed to support you unleash more power in your leadership.

Does any of those thoughts seem familiar to you?

-> “I regularly experience anxiety and depression… I know there is another way.
-> “I don’t understand who I truly Am and I feel lost. I wonder what’s wrong with me?
-> “I feel like a doormat, I can’t seems to have my way in most situations and my voice heard and respected.
-> “I can feel there is something missing in my energy, my power. I lack assertiveness.
-> “I am consumed by my business / my job and my life and can’t find some space for “me.
-> “I make decisions that end up being overwhelming for me… I seems to oversize my life… I am mad at myself for not discerning properly my choices.

I’ll support you grow deeper roots that you can relax and enjoy the expansion that awaits you.
You’ll feel deeply grounded and aligned with your heart and soul.

If you feel this 3 months mentoring offer is what you need, I am ready for you!  Book your complementary Discovery call that we explore your situation together.

I would feel honored to work with you on your liberation.

To your Re-Source-Fullness,

Catherine Chevalier,
The Sensitive Feminine Leaders’ Mentor