A New Level in 6 months

As Sensitive Feminine Leaders, we enjoy creating our life in alignment with our inner world and level of consciousness.

We engage in each chapter of our life on earth with a deep vision and a burning desire to live life to its fullest.
However, navigating from one chapter to another is easier said than done…

Chaos, stress, anxiety and even depression can invite themselves and turn an already unrooting situation into almost full paralysis. It can feel dark and lonely… with no end in sight.
But the good news is that it doesn’t need to be like that!

Does any of those situations seem familiar to you?

– “I am so tired of the rat race, I can’t go on like that.
– “Each time, I try to create my own life, I get swiped back into the old. It is like I have no leverage.
– “I have a clear vision for what’s next but can’t seem to make it happen… it is so frustrating.
– “I’ve been waiting for years to receive the inspiration for what’s next for me… I am in despair, I am loosing faith and patience.
– “I know who I am, what I want but it is not enough to create a life I enjoy. What’s missing?

As a Sensitive Feminine Leader myself, I came to learn that between my “I can’t go on like that” revelations and the experience of a “new” life takes around 6 months.
That period of time allows, us human beings, to create a new inner foundation, support our Heart and Soul to grow in power and then activate our new “game” in the outer world. Fascinating!

This 6 months mentoring offer is designed to support you to receive a new you and shine a brighter light as you create your own sunshine.

I’ll support you own more of your sensitive leadership, unleash the power of your hear and soul and activate the new level of creation that awaits you.
You’ll feel deeply activated and ready to manifest your deepest desires.

If you feel this 6 months mentoring offer is what you need, I am ready for you! Book your complementary Discovery call that we explore what’s coming for you together.

I would feel honored to work with you on your evolution.

To your Re-Source-Fullness,

Catherine Chevalier,
The Sensitive Feminine Leaders’ Mentor